Beware of this Go fund me and Christina George.


Well it seems para fake and fraud Christina George is back at her scams. It was brought to my attention that she now has set herself up a Go Fund Me account.  She’s claiming her SSDI has been stopped, that her health is declining, that she lost her home, etc.


She states she is well known for helping others in need however over the years she has been caught stealing from the vulnerable that she claims to be helping. She has made numerous go fund me accounts and fundraisers for herself and others to which she lied about or which others did not receive their money.

Christina George claims to be seriously ill with a non curable illnesses, to which she has claimed she was unable to work, not even part time, yet this is the same person who is able to run a 2 online paranormal radio show, several Paranormal research groups, claims she is a psychic and has been all her life which is untrue, she can travel and participate in investigations, para cons etc. She is a party girl and prescription drug seeker who will use several different last names in order to obtain drugs which is why her doctors have chosen to drop her .  She claims she’s been ill for 15 years yet 26 years ago claimed she was terminal with a  brain tumor and was dying.  Then it was intestinal cancer, then terminal schleroderma.  She never had a tumor or cancer.  She no longer receives SSDI because she is capable of working a job and is not as sick as she pretends to be and conned SSDI until recently when the caught on, but chooses to have the CA state tax payers support her on state assistance. She has family, and and adult children all in her area, yet why is her family not helping her? Because they know her and the truth.

Many people who know her knows what a con and fraud she is and tend to avoid her.

So be smart don’t donate, or ask for a refund before she gets her hand on the money. Report her go fund me also to shut it down.  It’s time to stop people like her.

Christina George is a convicted criminal with a lengthy criminal record. She was encarcerated for theft, fraud, embezzlement and other related charges in the Santa Rita women’s prison in CA where she served time for some of her crimes.

She committed crimes and theft against her own 90+ grandmother by stealing money, her identity, moving into her grandmother’s home and throwing her grandmother out of her home, while living off her money, throwing parties in her home and also physically abusing her.

She is a known con and fraud so beware donating to her or people like her.

Evan Jensen a known felon caught with a illegal assault rifle.

Most people know Evan Jensen who writes a trash /rag blog, The Paranormal Herald  a known Parasite in the Paranormal  community who is a known felon of a violent crime. He was convicted of kidnapping and served a 3 yr sentence out of 10 yr sentence.

Because under Oregon state statue it is a class c felony  to be a felon and possess  a firearm. Yet this hasn’t stopped Jensen from illegally obtainING and being in possession of  a .50 Cal Barette.


Make sure to check out the date this was posted. It’s clearly after his conviction in 1992. Where he was sentenced to 10 yrs.


Possession of weapons by certain felons

(1)Any person who has been convicted of a felony under the law of this state or any other state, or who has been convicted of a felony under the laws of the Government of the United States, who owns or has in the persons possession or under the persons custody or control any firearm commits the crime of felon in possession of a firearm.

(2)Any person who has been convicted of a felony under the law of this state or any other state, or who has been convicted of a felony under the laws of the Government of the United States, who owns or has in the persons possession or under the persons custody or control any instrument or weapon having a blade that projects or swings into position by force of a spring or by centrifugal force or any blackjack, slungshot, sandclub, sandbag, sap glove, metal knuckles or an Electro-Muscular Disruption Technology device as defined in ORS 165.540(Obtaining contents of communications), or who carries a dirk, dagger or stiletto, commits the crime of felon in possession of a restricted weapon.

(3)For the purposes of this section, a person has been convicted of a felony if, at the time of conviction for an offense, that offense was a felony under the law of the jurisdiction in which it was committed. Such conviction shall not be deemed a conviction of a felony if:

(a)The court declared the conviction to be a misdemeanor at the time of judgment; or

(b)The offense was possession of marijuana and the conviction was prior to January 1, 1972.

Jensen feels he is out of the woods but my source states he is far from it.  He might be receiving a visit real soon with a warrant from the ATF for his actions as his case has gone to Polk County now per the Milwaukee PD. There isn’t much he can do at this point as they have the proof  of the picture plus addition proof  to show that he indeed broke laws and can be charged for just touching the gun whether his or not along with the numerous threats he has made that others have provided to police showing these threats to police as well as his victims he has stalked and harassed.

Stay tuned as we will update  this story as more info comes in…….

Evan Jensen paid a visit by his local Police


This just in…a few hours ago a well known Parasite in the Paranormal  community by the name of Evan Jensen was paid a visit by his local police regarding his criminal actions, threats, and for allegations he is in possession  of firearms and as we all know he is a felon due to being convicted of kidnapping and serving prison time.

Could this be it? Could the Parasite Evan Jensen be leaving  social media, shutting down his facebook already….well at least one of the many, will he actually shut down the Paranormal Herald blog and the Beyond  Reality blog as he claims?  Only time will tell. received_874642542640703


Seems that his criminal actions are catching up to him and now have him scared and running. Yet being that many of us know he likes to play victim while harassing others, making threats, sending porn and sex toys to children of those he doesn’t like….I personally have a hard time believing he won’t return soon or use fake profiles to continue his actions. But police are tired of fooling with him. He is well know in his area as a cracked pot, a felon who kidnapped a child and a woman, that he faked his own daughters dissappearance recently for attention and lied to police.  Maybe the restraining order are coming in as promised that forces him to remove himself in fear of going back to jail. I know when my personal opinion and advice was asked in this area I told each person he was threatening and attacking  just how to go about their restraining orders to shut him down on the internet.

Only time will tell….stay tuned.

There is no reading between the lines regarding Evan Jensen and Kelly Griffin and the lies they tell.

My good friend Darlene Watts is an amazing writer and person.  She has a great heart and who helps many. At one time she did the same as Evan Jensens long time cohost, and wrote the blogs for him. She stood by him, defended him, and was a good friend to him, like many co hosts and friends had in the past before her and since her. But his tirades, disrespect for woman including her, the verbal abuse, the lies and deceit one day became too much and Darlene parted ways after trying for a long time to help him be a better person.  We have seen this very pattern with each and every co host he has had also so it is clear he will never change.  I too was his friend at one time. Before I got to know the real him and also parted ways and severed my friendship with this deranged man. I learned that he would never change as he is comfortable with who he is, a liar, scammer, fraud, and just plain deranged. He seems to have a obsession with peoples children and when you don’t allow him to control you he goes for your heart…yes your children, with porn, sending sex toys to them, photo shopping pics that are sexual for children to see and with pics of their parents face on it, just plan sick and twisted is his mind. One minute he is caring, the next he is lying and stalking you, and trying to hurt you.

But my friend Darlene Watts wrote this amazing blog and although she did not give names those of us in the paranormal communities know exactly who she was speaking of in between the lines in her blog.  Evan Jensen and Kelly  Griffin his newest co host after burning so many others. Just another pawn we know.

Now most know I am not a friend or fan of Judi Giramonti because I believe she abused our friendship and did me wrong in the past leaving me leery of trusting her. As I was taught trust is earned. Do I believe people can change and make mistakes ….yes they are human. I know I have made them over my 47 years. And although not my favorite person I wish her the best on getting her life together and that rumors should not be spread without facts that back up what is being said. I myself feel guilty as I heard things and went to Darlene with what I had heard out of concern for her and Brian, not to start rumors but still none the less I guess it could have been construed as that if Darlene hadn’t actually heard herself the tirant of Judi’s landlord first hand.  My friend Darlene and her husband despite the terms when Judi left the relationship she had with them  in when they offered to help her with an apartment etc and once Evan yet again got to Judi and used her to retaliate against Darlene, my friends Darlene and Brian extended the olive branch to Judi and to put the past behind as they knew the source was Evan who yet again used her. But none the less they are still willing to assist her which I commend and trust they know what they are doing and it is their business.

So here is a great blog that Darlene Watts wrote on the facts and her perspective of things surrounding this.


 Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Squelching some rumors and to those starting them with Judi Giramonti.

 You might notice a change in my blogs.  I deleted probably about twenty blog entries.  Most were on a few people who I thought needed to be exposed.  However, after they are out there for a bit, the primary reasons why I wrote them are no longer valid.  I believe that people change.  Not only do they change, but, people stop reading OLD blogs and so, I have opted to erase the negativity that has no longer any valid purpose in my mind.

Furthermore, I have had a great many tenants in my building here in Ishpeming.  Some of them were awesome, some of them were unbelievably bad and most of the time, things didn’t work out rather quickly with those types of people.  They are small apartments with no yard.  Most people that take them are in a transition.  So there is naturally an overturn.  A few people, take them because it actually suits them.  Those are the ones that work out the best.

I’ve had my share of disasters ranging from bedbugs (probably the most disgusting to deal with) to high water bills and yet, we always manage to pull it all together.  We have been through a lot more recently due to incorrect reporting on the local news channels and paper.  No matter how you try to correct the mistakes, the news media doesn’t care and will never make one effort to change their original report or even to post a correction.

Let me just clarify.  The city was never tearing down my shop because it was in bad repair.  They simply wanted to see the pretty building (Mather Inn) from Hematite Ave as you come into town.  Their excuse was the back wall, which to some, is unsightly.  However, in comparison to many buildings in town and even some that have had grant money of a significant amount, it really is not so outstanding as they would like people to think.  Furthermore, I am willing to bet that most buildings, whether having the grant money or not, do not have newer wiring like this building does.  We even updated the heating system from electric to gas boiler.  The back wall was insulated, although, for obvious reasons, an interior wall that was shared with a restaurant wasn’t.  This is because the restaurant still had OLD wiring and we didn’t know where that wiring was.  To some on the DDA, this seemed to be horrendous.  LOL

The hallway, for what ever reason there was, was done in paneling, that is now outdated and we wish to bring it back to what it once was and lose the paneling.  Likewise, some hanky drop ceiling that is just plain old ugly shortening the tall ceilings in the hallway by far.  But…that’s aesthetics and considerably less expensive to deal with then plumbing and electrical.  The apartments are not that bad.  There is forever repair when you have tenants. It may of served the city well to call this place blighted and ACT like it needed to be torn down, but, they NEVER once came in and saw what was inside… nor cared and to them, the value of the building was that of one they wanted to tear down and erase.

Well, as it turns out, I did not receive an offer that covered my own expenses for leaving here and going somewhere else.  As a matter of fact, it didn’t cover my mortgage on the place, never mind going somewhere else to do my art.  It meant all my work over the years from 2009 would of been for nothing.  Soooo…. I said no to the city.  I just never saw erasing a building to make another building be seen as a valid reason to do that.  I certainly wasn’t going to pay for the privilege of losing everything.

Now, to some, we don’t have the money to have this place.  Well, on that argument, from those saying it, neither do they.  If you need grants to do something with your building, it means you don’t have the money yourself.  It means, tax payer money is going to fixing up YOUR building.  I never asked any money from any tax payers, except to repair the wall that the city damaged by removing a whole building.  Like many people in this city, I work hard and do what I can when I can.  Same with my husband, who is disabled and can’t do what he use to.  But, in this city, you don’t get to put me down when you take big chunks of money from grants that is tax payers money to repair your own building.  Just saying…

Now, there is the subject of whom are my tenants.  Perhaps it would interest some to know that I have a camera in the hallway of my building.  There are no drug dealers or druggies or any type of bad person here.  I know how some that have ulterior motives spread rumors.  It really never mattered who was up there, I heard that rumor over and over again.  AND no, there are no cameras in people’s apartments like some have tried to say in the past.  People doing illegal things do not last long here.  It’s just to close to the police station and the police pay attention and we have a camera in the hallway.  I wonder how many other places have a camera in the hallway even.  Hmmmm

No… I’m not going anywhere.   The windows are empty… so that I can make things to put in them.  Not because we are moving.  The ceiling is down, so that I could assess what was there and to my chagrin, it is all conduit wiring, which means, I can use the full 12 foot height of the ceilings, as they were meant to be.  I personally don’t have a problem with some pipes and some older style tongue and grove boards on the ceiling.  I like the height, because it means I can create TALL things.  It means less limitations on any type of commissioned work.  It’s not because we are leaving.  (A few people knocked on the door to ask.)

Now, I do have a person who lived here that is moving back.  Some know her online.  Her name is Judi Giramonti.  I have this to say.  If I do not have a problem with her, no one else should have a problem with me wanting her to move back.  Right?  Yes, she said some things.  So did I.  I just think that Judi and I have come through some totally over the top petty drama that we both agree, we want to avoid.  We are both looking for something more stable.  Me with a stable tenant that pays their rent and know what to expect and her with wanting her own place that she can be at home in and make her own.  (Judi always paid her rent and left with owing us nothing.)  I think we are both done with the over the top drama that people pull us into.

And… I’m going to say this… for someone to act like they are the fault for another’s behavior and/or have some control over someone else is ludicrous.  I know on both sides, some are blaming Judi, instead of where the blame goes.  Want to know my side… there isn’t one.  I don’t care about the drama and petty bull crap that is going on out there that people promise the other side is going to be arrested.  (Yep… said on both sides.)  I do not want to be drug into it anymore.  I’m done.  I have another goal these days.  I believe Judi does too and she’s looking ahead, not behind.  I’m not getting Judi back here to have some war going.  Neither is she and it’s NOT how she thinks.  She just wants to get along with everyone and at times forgives way easier than I ever would.  That is just who she is.  I don’t care what she’s doing online or whom she gets involved in or what she does.  That is her business.  I can say here that she has no ulterior motives for moving here and isn’t doing so to do anything to anyone else.  We are talking about her shows and doing up dolls, not online wars.

I’ll say this to the person who has a bunch of blogs on me.  Have at it.  To this date, you have not affected anything I have done.  Not affected one iota of anything.  If I was affected, it was through my own blogs I WROTE.   I do not read your blogs for the most part and could care less of your ramblings and whining about me and the paranormal and I believe, that after all this time, it’s old to a lot of people anyway.  Little by little, you whittle away at your audience by offending them and after a while there isn’t to many left that even care.  Let’s just say I’m wrong on that point… well… then you’ll drive people to me.

Now, just to clarify one instance of idiocy, boldly threatening by use of another person who is in the same area as if to use them as a weapon to physically do something to Judi is really stretching it.  IF anything happens to her, I WILL BE SURE TO ALERT Police and the same goes for your bouncer, whom you use as a weapon.  I don’t get that her landlord is that unreasonable.  In fact, while she wants her place to herself, I don’t get that she’s being so hateful she’ll destroy her or hurt her.  If I see ANYTHING else like that, I will be contacting police myself locally where you both live.  THAT is a promise.  She’s leaving when she gets her check.  If I had the money, I’d of sent it to her for her to leave sooner.  Unfortunately, I don’t and neither does she until she gets her check.  Still, I don’t see her landlord being that unreasonable.  It’s just over a week.  She has a place here.  It’s all set up.

As for laughing about being arrested… I remember one time you not thinking it so funny when you were served locally and wanting to erase everything.  I do not really think you are to smug or stupid not to realize just what path you are on and what CAN happen in this situation with the constant blogs, intimidation tactics, harassment, conjecture, guesses and hostility that it will lead to MANY people being against you and not only a few against you legally, but, many by the very act you are doing.  There are laws against much of what you are doing on that “blog” and it goes way further than what I did with you.  It’s over the top by far to the point of idiocy.  If your writer enjoys ruining her reputation as well as her credibility and risking legally paying for what it is you are doing as you so obviously do, go for it.  But… I’m thinking when the shit hits the fan, you all might not find it all so funny.  That’s a friendly warning.  As it’s apparent to me it’s getting to be a bubble ready to burst and so much worse than it ever was with what you are doing and how many you are affecting.  There is a line… and you have blown past it long ago.

Your inability to even understand what is going against you thinking it’s Judi or that she has anything to do with it shows that you really do not have a grasp on how your tirades affect people and whom is involved in trying to shut you down.  I know you at least know that Judi by herself did not have the ability to shut off blogtalk.  However, so many of the same people that you constantly are fighting that shut that down before, that have connections and then you so obviously advertise on places you KNOW they even comment on and then you wonder how it gets turned off.  Should it be no surprise to you?  Really?  I’m still blocked from blogtalk myself.  What makes you think you can do a show if they not only took my show off, but, blocked me permanently just for THINKING I was helping you.  Get a clue.  Blogtalk hates you and they are friends with the people you are slamming.  DUH

Yes… it’s really that simple.  It’s Not Judi.  Just like some other’s think it’s Judi controlling the blogs that slam everyone.  She doesn’t… never did.  I don’t know… people must really think Judi has some amazing powers.

So… let’s recap here.  If you go after people over and over, they will get pissed and react and try to do something to stop you.  They don’t have to be together.  But, many complaints together, add up to real actions against you.  It’s YOUR fault that they do by your very actions and what ever happens on your end to you is going to be what you deserve.  Whether it’s being arrested or having your show taken off… it’s because of YOUR actions that people are reacting back.  AND… that’s exactly what I do not want to be involved in… the stupid petty drama that is turning into some legal nightmare with the constancy it has become in over the top ramblings, guesses, tirades, satire and just plain harassment of people.

As for me going against anyone… there is a few people that will know who I mean.  Everyone else… won’t.  Same as for those the area here, starting rumors.  This blog… squelches many against Judi, as well as against this building.  At the same time…. this is it.  No names for a reason.  I have better things to do then to fight rumors locally and online bull from people who just like to tell stories.

As for your writer… you might want to reread what it is you write carefully, as much of it comes off as unintelligible. Your satire has much to be desired in the way of comedic strength and lacks any true points other than being insulting to a few people, of which comes off as harsh.  Instead of quantity, it is far better to have quality.


Thank you Darlene!!!




Is Evan Jensen really a Ephebopilia?



Many posts have been circulating around about Evan being a pedophile. Now is he a convicted and charged pedophile,  I have found nothing saying he has actually been charged as of yet but could be soon with so many coming forward in regards to his actions surround people’s children he attacks in the Paranormal communities for attention. To be a pedophile  one doesn’t have to get caught  in the act just act innapropriate  towards a child whether his own or someone elses.

Today for some reason I had been mentioned in a post sent to me via email that Judy Giramonti  chose to send to Carol Malone. It was forwarded to me and  I spoke to Scott Hamilton by phone and Carol Malone via a email in regards to it. I also contacted Judi Giramonti  regarding the initial email as she knows the truth in regards  to Jensen lies that he is currently  spreading which is why I believe she contacted Malone to make her aware of the false allegations/lies against her and then involving me to deceive the public, and friends on his FB Page. So it’s time yet again to clear the truth and facts up.


Most of you know I don’t like Evan Jensen because of his attacks on many who are innocent yet he puts a spin on the truth for attention to a blog on WordPress andwhat he calls a Newspaper called the Paranormal Herald which is not much more then a dimestore rag like the National Inquire full of lies just  for entertainment.  But unlike Jensen blog he makes victims with his lies. Attacks their families, jobs, and worse become sexual abuse towards their children. How do I know this, I and my family experienced his behaviors first hand.
When I discovered how Evan was lying about being a Navy Seal after receiving his DD214 for the public  and exposed him for this and his lies of being he is a demonologist,  a priest, who he trained under etc. They were all lies. I saw horrible behaviors when I confronted him. He began his attacks. When he wasn’t getting the response from me he hoped for with his blogs, posts, lies he turned to further harassment, calling the religiosity places to have them make contact with me as his ip address was tracked, by the Church of scientology as well as the Mormon churches as he signed me up stealing my identity, giving out my info stating I wanted to be contacted as I wanted to be saved. From there I recieved calls, and even visits. With the help of a subpoena  and those contacted we were able to get the info of who was doing this….Evan Jensen. Yes his IP address  Traced right back to him.   When he got no real reaction he took things further. As he knows my children are my world and I am very protective.  He has spoken to my daughter once on the phone regarding the truth and her personal knowledge of my sister Christina Georges actions of Elder abuse against our grandmother.  But this time he sent a package to her, no return address, addressed to her in c/o myself.  I opened the box to find sex toys that he had sent her.  She had recently turned 18 but it was clear that he was trying to harass me through my child. He taunted me about  getting a package, how we could go “fuc* ourselves”  as my daughter was just like me  and I should have never been allowed to have children.  I think because he is so upset about his own  actions and failures as a parent. He had a disturbing infatuation with his own daughter that wasn’t healthy either. And now she is missing and being sought by police. And Evan has refused to cooperate with Police.

But in his Post he claims Malone sent my son a box of sex toys….this is not true,  he is just shift blaming and deflecting his own actions. I don’t care for Malone but will stand up with the truth . Carol Malone has  never sent my son or children anything that he is claiming in the post he made.

Now on another note I did not allegedly murder my grandmother. Hell I live first of all in another state. Second I flew back when I learned of the abuse by my sister Christina George and went through the courts to do everything in my power  to keep her safe from my sister. My bio mom and bio brother helped. And yep I have the proof. Newspapers wrote about it, legal boxes are full of documents, sworn statements, evidence etc.  I have never been a suspect in her murder, anuse, or anyone elses. I have also blogged.

My petting zoo was closed several years ago due to my own health, and my concerns of a neighbor who we had 2 restrain orders against and arrests and citations is sued for  allegedly poisoning our animals killing many. I felt it was best to give the animals away and shut it down for safety reasons. Yes I have yet again that proof.

And lastly  the welfare fraud he mentions he has a charge sheet for provided by Christina George to try and harass me from 1996 where I received a overpayment  after fleeing a abusive spouse while pregnant and with a 3.5 yr. Old. That overpayment was payed once I learned there had been.  I pled no contest , got 6 mths probation, perjury charge was dropped  when it was learned that the worker  had made a mistake on their part.  Judge tried to dismiss it but the Deputy DA ordered that he was to appeal that then I was a new mom, limited funds to continue. I took the deal of 12 mths probation stayng out of trouble on informal probation which then the case could expunged. I have the documented proof, BUT AGAIN HE LIKE’S TO MAKE THINGS UP FOR ATTENTION.


Letter from Attorney on the case.

That is the extent  of any twisted version he shows with no proof.

Now with this being said  I believe and am told he fits the profile of a murderer which could explain why his daughter is missing and on the OR Missing Persons list in OR. Why he reported to police so late. Why he is using her phone, etc. Maybe  something more happened, who knows. But he fits a criminal profile and DSM 5 diagnoses of a ephebophilia, which is the strong and persistent sexual interest to those in later adolescence, approximately 15–19 years old and from pedophilia, which is the primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children. While individuals with a sexual preference for adults may have some sexual interest in pubescent-aged individuals,researchers and clinical diagnoses have proposed that hebephilia is characterized by a sexual preference for pubescent rather than adults. This itself with statements being made by others  rings true. He was unuasully obcessed with his own saughter but not in a healthy fatherly way, was very jealous of her boyfriemd, hateful to his daughter, then Jensen believed my daughter was still a minor when he sent the box full of sex toys. Deputies suggested that she file a stalking order tho they said if she hadn’t just turned 18 they would of had him federally charged and arrested him for soliciting a minor with prnographic material. But what I am now told my daughter is not the only child he has sent prnographic material to or boxes like this too. He is also well known in the Paranormal for posting it on people pages etc.

So looks like his name is done.  My attorney  plans on filing federally, Civilly and Criminaly. His own Clackamas  County law enforcement are willing to help put him away also. And Feds are now involved. I warned him many time when we had been friends that these types of behaviors must cease as they aren’t ok or normal.

He is aware that recently I had a stroke , I am not in a condition to continue to deal with his lies, harassment etc. So I will ask that it be handled swiftly, and that he be charged.

Today I will be sending in the requested documents needed to work on the charges for arrest. I am done playing with this man.

So there you have it. The truth and facts. More proof are found in my blogs.

Truth will still be revealed.

Well I haven’t been on much to write  as a lot has been going on in my life.
I just got out of the hospital 2 days ago as I had what doctors believe was a stroke. I am needing to focus on my rehab which is believed I will get all functions back soon with determination. I have much weakness on my left side but right side thankfully is doing ok which still allows me to do some writing on the truth that seems to be being twisted by Evan Jensen these days.
More and more stories and lies he spills about so many people including myself. I am a open book. Not perfect, made mistakes in my past as we all do but those mistakes have never been violent or harmful to the safety of others as Jensen have been. I made things right and moved forward making and doing much good. He would like to attack my past, from 15-20 years ago as if anything is even relevant  these days…. unlike his that continues to this day with starting years ago with kidnappings, stalking, harassment and serving 3 yrs of a 10 yr sentence for his actions, yet continues the harassment,  lies, stalking of women, children and even men. But it’s my understanding that the federal agencies are now involved as many victims came forward with complaints and his actions have now fallen over state lines since what he is doing in an criminal internet crime making it a federal matter.  I honestly think he will be his own demise.  So until then we will continue to watch the blogs and those he writes lies about while seeking attention and we will be here to tell the real truth to these stories and give you the other side with proof.

Bad Bad Even Jensen

We it seems that Jensen likes to twist actual facts and truths. I have been following his blogs for a while and watching how he distorts the truth with any of those he choses to write about.

I personally can state that in this blog of his he again is lying about the facts as this was a case that i personally was a party to.

Jensen seems to be unable when he blogs to tell the whole truth just what he would want readers to believe. And if anyone posts the truth he immediately  will remove their response so no one can see it or chooses to edit it as word press allows this.

This is the truth regarding any action surrounding Carol Malone that I was involved with.


Fact: Carol Malone did file false civil papers against Jensen, Dan Mewhinney and later myself after I helped dismiss Jensen and Dan’s cases due to false allegations. Malone then filed against myself making false claims of me alledgedly calling her and threatening her, as well as she stated i said i was going to throw a Mal tal cocktail through her window and kill her family.  Because I knew she had lied and wasn’t worried about proving the truth I hired a great attorney gave him all the proof he needed to crush the case. In the meantime prior to my case I had been in touch with the common wealth attorney and victims services in Petersburg. I had spoke to court clerks as well as police. Now in the eastern states things are done very different. It is my understanding any person may walk into the courts and swear out a affidavit for a warrant. Meaning also they can make up stories and then get a judge to sign it based on the allegations made. Then it will be set for a date where the other party is served and must appear.  If not the original filing party will win. My attorney appeared on my behalf as I did not want these lies to go on my record since I had proof that they indeed were lies to manipulate the court.

At the court hearing that I was a party to, it was proven that what was stated was only made to harass and was not true.  The judge, common wealth and my attorney  agreed after my attorney put on my side of the case that there was nothing to bind this over for trial as I had done nothing that I was being accused of. Malone then blew up as she was angry and the judge told her to stop or he would hold her in contempt she continued to yell at the judge so he had her arrested and the bailiff escorted her out of the court room as she was charged with contempt of court because of her behaviors. Later she was brought to the court and judge where she was admonished for her behaviors and the charge was dropped. She was not arrested for anything else on that day except for her behaviors on court towards the judge. Not for  lying to the court etc. This would need to be a motion that my attorney can still always file if we choose and to ask that my attorney fees be paid. This far we have not by choice and yo wait to see if she started up again with me.

So jensen was not honest to those who read his blog. He distorts the truth and facts of the case with Malone as he does with all those who he rights about.

Trolling the Internet by Frauds and Adult Bullies.

There is a rapidly growing trend of trolling the internet by those who play victims yet are out stalking and bulling others leaving a very ominous future that it  portrays our society as a whole in general.

I would like to believe that I personally that most people in this world are good, try to help others, have values etc. Yet for some they aren’t good but pure and simple Evil at best. One guy who fits the description of Evil is Evan Jensen, not well known and to those who know him they know him as Evil Even aka the Paranormal Parasite. Heck I even helped him at one time when he was seen as a victim in a matter or a civil suit and I his victims advocate in this line of work for 28 years.   Why because it was the right thing at the time as we were friends despite how disgusting I found him and a liar that I discovered later that he really was.

These days much hate is flung here and there on the internet yet no factual or even logical evidence to prove or justify as so many of us have seen on the sites like The Paranormal Herald created and ran by Evan Jensen  and his minion side kick Kelly Griffin. I don’t believe that they think they are doing anything wrong, nor they see the Evil in their actions and attacks upon their victims because they feel what they are doing is right and for the greater good of the world to degrade, bully, stalk and harass their victims with their stories of deceit and lies. Possibly beneath the layers  of the psychological  BS or their chemical disorders they seem to suffer with their might be a real person who at one time in their life had logic, good judgement but yet now are full of chaos and hate. There is no basis nor reason for their actions,  Yet as a humans we have a tendency of believing what we read because the internet is like a huge vacuum and sucks people in. So when some innocent victim of theirs is wrongly accused of something online and either by their false allegation or mistake, or just by malicious deceit we all jump on our high horses and start attacking those that are truly innocent instead  demanding facts and proof, instead of allowing ourselves to believe what they write to create further chaos where something very minor as a traffic ticket for speeding they will blow up and twist the facts to fit their story needs to harass their victim by stating that the result of the ticket received by the victim was due to  them stealing someones car, with a baby in the back, being involved in a high speed chase that lasted for over 3 hrs which honestly never took place…… but according to Jensen and Griffen did,  and the person was arrested, served time,  but no proof as to record can be seen etc.  We as humans however once we read it go from being reasonably sane people to screaming at the victim “Lets  kill the guy, he stole the car  with the baby in it!” That is the people mentality who read and follow this garbage they write. They are lured in only to support the deceit and join in on the groups mentality to get violent, make further attacks, to a victim who originally, just got caught driving a little bit of the speed limit and who only receive a ticket. Yet although a proven fact that people are ready for no reason to get violent, judge and bully others that they really do not know yet history proves it to be true. Fortunately most of us have a conscience  in this modern world that puts red flags up that stop most of us from taking part. We have society who judges us and our actions, as well as our own identity to say what is right and wrong. So if we kill the guy because we are led to believe that they stole a car  with a baby inside and placed the baby in danger in a high speed chase, then we more then likely would go to jail for our actions in the real world and rightly so. We are discovered through our identity.  And because we shouted “Kill the guy” then our peers would question our sanity because we have an identity that shows who we are, which would lead them to question our actions, our sanity .

When someone is online, they really are anonymous, as they can be anyone they want to portray as they have no real identity online. So what happens if they are not held accountable by authorities for their actions, does this still make them “good people”?  Because the hide under Freedom of Speech as Jensen and Griffin do to try and cover their actions with their deceit, lies, half truths, and worse complete fabrications to try and stir up judgemental lynch mobs to help them victimize others. So here’s the problem with being anonymous on line, people are no longer held accountable for their action anymore, so the person they are slandering, harassing and attacking  are not seen as  and evolves into no longer being seen as a human with rights because its on the internet, Right?  that person is like a game piece in a chess game, something play with, with no feelings, and they people can if they choose, no longer care about it, and some even determined to break it with no care in the world. Now let me make this clear, I am not stating that there are not good people out there who even under the guise of anonymous aren’t exceptional people who do care and behave as humans should. Heck look at the activist hacker group “anonymous” I believe they have done good things for the right reasons but lets be honest most people do not. We will always have those who are good  and can retain their compassion and humanity and those who are bad like Jensen and Griffin.

Trolls and Frauds are always anonymous. There whole life is a lie. Jensen is a great example of this, from his lies of being a Demonologist trained under Archbishop Feyl who denies training him, to his stolen valor where he claimed for years he was a Navy Seal yet wasn’t, but a E1 electrician who was dishonorably discharged according to his DD214.And now claiming he is a reporter/journalist of his dime store rag that he created homemade  journalist pass card badges for. People like Jensen and Griffin think that everything they do online  is to harm someone and  they can because online isn’t the same as real life  when you personally meet someone face to face and are held accountable for your actions. Some people who have this mentality to harm others like Jensen  and Griffen have skeletons in their own closets, and worse like Jensen a violent criminal record and really themselves are low life criminals who can fit into society without anyone noticing their own crimes-psychopaths like Jensen.

There is this fine line when dealing with frauds and trolls on the internet  and a psychopath like Jensen. That line is murder. A fraud, bully or troll doesn’t actually kill anyone, well not yet anyways but essentially the psychosis is the same as both groups do not see a humans being at the end of their attacks, both groups act irrational doing what it is they want to do all while finding pleasure in their actions to harm, yet the rest of the world would consider them and their actions vile. Look at Jensen’s actions surrounding his missing daughter  Emilee Jensen, he has used her in his game to gain attention,  he has refused to cooperate with police yet led people to believe he had, but Officer Gleesen  of the Gresham OR police dept reported that he tried over 10 times to reach him for Emilee’s cell phone number that Jensen conveniently did not have on him when police spoke to him in person while Jensen after several weeks of not making a report when he claimed she went missing. He told them when he got home he would provide it to them to help try and find her. He never did. He has since changed his stories several times as well. He is now being investigated for her disappearance and possible foul play. Many believe she is dead.

There is something people like Jensen and Griffin find appealing in the freedom to  hide behind a computer screen saying  what they want to who they choose to attack next. They  create troll accounts in order to have a secret identity to stalk their victims. the victims are forced to have secret identity accounts to avoid further attacks and harassment otherwise, drama, fights and legal battles occur as fights become more heated and the thrill to win the fight becomes addictive. It is like a pack of rabid dogs fighting to win, and why because they are anonymous. Actions like  Jensens and Griffin suck others who were victims and just want to be left alone into the realm and path towards becoming just as psycho as Jensen and those who assist him. Jensen and those like him scream they can do it under the cover of Freedom of Speech, but isn’t that just being a coward when you are lying and deceiving to harass , bully and stalk others in order to fill a need to slander and defame the person? I don’t believe our First Amendment was meant not cover that. These people are cowards. If I have something to say, I just say it. I don’t hide. I take responsibility for my words, regardless of how dumb they may be or even heated because I believe in fighting the wrong doings and abuse of the victims. If I am wrong, I am a decent enough person to say so and admit it. But if not, then i will look like the ass. Seems fair enough for me. And as we know we have all said things in heated moments that later we are ashamed of as we cant take it  back but can surelt admit when we are wrong. We are the people who take responsibility for our actions, and who teach our children to do the same. so if you are one of those like Jensen and Griffin who don’t care continue on as you have no humanity or conscience anymore. But for me I will not be silent on matter  that I feel are important. I do have freedom of speech without needing a fake persona or anonymity. I am not a superhero, I am just someone who cares, is compassionate about those I care about or are victims of others like Jensen and Griffin, and like that people know me for who I really  am despite mistake I may have made early on in my life. I am a open book and if asked will  be honest as my mistakes none ever violent , drug related etc) in my past from 20-30 yrs ago do not define me and who I am today and since they happened. This is maturity and taking responsibility to be better.

I speak under my own name, If I speak wrongly, I have no problem wiping the egg from my face and apologising. I will not be silence on matter that I feel should be heard and are important. I have the freedom of speech because I do not need a fake persona as Jensen an Griffin do to project it, I don’t use it to harm others with lies, deceit, slander, etc. as they do. I have great self esteem, yet clearly they do not.

Every day their are reports being made about bullying online that have lead to physical attacks or even worse suicide. It isn’t just kids it adults. Adults like Jensen and Griffin. These are parent teaching children and others to behave in such a immoral and uncompassionate way to other humans.  For example, I thought I had seen it all from Jensen and Griffin on The Paranormal Herald piece of garbage blog the own. But when they attacked a man named Stephen Erkintalo on it and took it as far as they did  by falsely accusing him and his brother of being involved in a sex trafficking matter and having a threesome with a 15 year old minor etc I was disgusted. In fact these were all lies about Erkintalo and his brother. Jensen and Griffin had taken a story off the internet that was a big story in NY, which named parties really involved including the District Attorney, a Deputy District Attorneys who had a arrested a husband and wife couple who where the suspects in the matter. Yet they changed the name of the parties to slander, defame, to intentionally set up to be harmed, threatened, etc Erkintalo and his brother, their families etc. They placed innocent parties in harms way as we know their are many that take justice into their own hand after reading or hearing about children, woman or the elderly being harmed.  I had to send the info to those DA’s involved  that Jensen and Griffin had wrote about all while slandering, lying, defaming etc. As I was told it was a crime and also gives Erkintalo and other involved the right to sue for damages. But just what if Erkintalo or his brother had been seriously hurt physically, or pushed to take their lives d to the actions  and lies of Jensen an Griffin? Or what if someone took innocent people lives? Because of Jensen and Griffin.  Some people should not have the ability to be anonymous on line, to harm others as Jensen and Griffin do. To support their actions mean you to loose your identity and humanity. At the very least, it is cowardice and the extreme it is creating future psychopaths. But now a days it seems the internet is the wild west, right? Anything goes. No rules to follow, or that can be broken and the Freedom to harm others as Jensen and Griffin do.

I love my freedom, here in the USA, on the internet, etc I like that when on the internet I have found amazingly intelligent and compassionate people, who share their ideas and humanity with strangers. I love that the world is a better place because we have freedom of speech when used as it was intended for and not abused as Jensen and Griffin have. But what I don’t like is people like Jensen and Griffin who muddy the waters with their lies, are fakes, frauds, cowards who have a goal to harm others while trying to hide under the first amendment and shield laws that don’t apply to them.

I have never liked fake people or frauds that her other people or con them for personal gain while harming them. My own sister Christina George is one who cons people claiming she is a psychic, empath, has dreams to predict the future etc all for personal gain.  I feel like people like Jensen  and Griffin would never say things like they have face to face to those they victimize as they would be held accountable in one way or the other.So what makes them think they can say it online. At what point did they and those like them loose their humanity for human beings. Are they so self absorbed that they do not see it?  These Trolls, fakes, bullies and cowards. They plague the internet with their actions and those that support them encourage them and are just as guilty. They are immature only enjoying themselves at the expense of their victims. They feel righteous, and justified in attacking one person at a time in their blogs and posts that respond to their blogs as if it is their own personal space online they control yet is made for the public. Jensen and Griffin edit people posts in wordpress in The Paranormal Herald or delete posted comments that would show their deceptions which hide the truth.

Everyone has their right to an opinion, and sure not everyone is right in their beliefs. Heck I might be wrong in this blog to some and that is ok by me. You may disagree with me, but only if you have the courage to do so under your own name and not act like a troll hiding. Because at the end of the day, trolls, fakes, frauds are cowards , plain and simple that are headed on the path towards true psychopaths. And truly that is concerning when you have no issue leaving your identity and humanity behind unless you decide to serve a higher purpose in your life.

We need a superhero, or internet sheriffs to clean up the internet streets and those like Jensen and Griffin who use these streets to harm others. I am all about freedom but when its committing crimes or bullying the innocent something needs to be done. And hopefully with all those stepping up to help become those  internet superheroes and deputised sheriffs  who are filing legal actions now against Jensen and Griffin we can at the very least set a precedent that no one that they victimize will stand for it and  they will take action so that we stop things from continuing before we end up bringing up an entire generation of raving psychopaths like Jensen , Griffin and others.







Evan Jensen, Paranormal Parasite and Coward.

Well most in the Paranormal Communities  know the man who attacks, lies, stalks and harasses  and claims he is something he isn’t. This is a man although  we should now call a parasite of the paranormal.

He has written many untrue and fictional  blogs no better than a tabloid  supermarket rag on the wordpress site called Paranormal Herald that harass individuals and even groups.

It seems in following up with  a recent article on April 21 2016 which I wrote where Evan Jensen was invited by radio show host Toby Greynold to come on his show  “Hearing the Afterlife” to give his side of  things in regards to a recent show Mr. Greynold and his co host Stephan  Erkintalo did where many people listened in that Jensen has harassed, stalked  threaten and lied about.  Mr. Greynolds was trying to be fair so that Jensen could be heard as to why he does what he does.


We show that Jensen indeed visited my blog and was aware of the invite.  However like the coward he is when he knows he has no rebuttal that would be acceptable by the public or supported by them. Jensen has 11 followers of his actual blog. But instead Jensen has hid from responding for the last 3 weeks, util today when in a follow up  he responded to Greynolds via a facebook message today. Here is that Message:


As is apparent in Jensens first contact with Mr. Greynolds he acts like he really has no idea who he is however Jensen the truth is Jensen started harassing Greynolds regarding his military background last month, claiming he was going to obtain his DD214 as he disagreed with the picture of Military Uniform that Greynolds had worn in the military, called him a fraud of Stolen Valor  which is really ironic since  Jensen himself was caught with Stolen Valor as he claimed he is a retired  Navy Seal but documents on his DD214 showed otherwise,  plus has responded on posts where Greynolds had asked question on Jensens blogs. Jensen himself posted a day after the  radio show went live that he was aware of the show . Just more lies to deceive those who follow him.

So folks  here it is…..  you will see how calm, professional Mr. Greynolds is and patient with  this coward and fraud  Evan Jensen who



Now its my understanding  that police are tired of dealing with Jensen numerous reports have been made  and action will be taken to put a stop. This is the 3rd threat by Jensen  towards someone who as you can see made no threat of harm to Jensen or his family nor ever has, yet Jensen did.

So this fraud and coward also  creates drama just to create it with threats of writing a article on Mr Greynolds. no one cares about these post of lies he threatens people with as he himself states he is part of the yellow press which is those who write lies and BS like the National Enquirer for example and even his disclaimer which means nothing states that he basically doesn’t not check out fact, so like everything its just fulls of lies, slander and deceit. Unfortunately, I don’t think he really knows this time who he started attacking. As I personally know that  Mr. Greynolds has a nice legal team that will have Evan living in a cardboard box on the streets or having family putting money on his books at his local jail.

Police are very aware of Jensen and his kidnapping charges  of a child and a woman from the Safeway Parking lot and conviction that he did time for 3 yrs out of 10 yr sentence, that he is being looked at in his daughter being missing and not cooperating with police to find her, his stalking , threats harassment of many people who are taking actions against him. It is my understanding that the only threat they see is from my Jensen. And police are assisting anyway they can by directing the actions to take that will help them do there job as well regarding this.

And in the end there was was the invite kindly extended despite Jensen’s action by Mr. Greynolds to allow Jensen on his show to state his side but instead Jensen once again was the coward  and fraud we all knew he would be as he knows he will get caught yet again as he had on other shows when he lied.

Finally I am going to leave with….I hope he gets what is coming through the legal system for him as  it will finally hold him accountable for his actions criminally and will indeed shut  remove him from the internet for a long time and his plan of having someone continue his harassment in the meantime, well that’s a third party and he is held accountable and as the Parasite that he is.











Evan Jensen invited to give his side of things on his bullying. Will he accept?

So as I stopped by the page to like “Hearing The Afterlife”  after listening to their show for the first time last night.  I was curious to see what all the hype was about. It seems all those who Evan Jensen had been bulling, was/is harassing, lying about had come together to set things straight since Evan Jensen  stalks and harasses them through his blogs. He creates fabricated stories, twisted truths etc, for attention.  After attending this show, where Evan had trolled and I called him out for it….btw cowards troll and make up fake names….. so guess what? Yep he made another one of his blogs for little ole me and another guy named Stephen….lmao  and he just reported the same old bs  about me that he does everytime….his twisted truths which I have addressed with actual facts and proof in mine in the past. So ya doesn’t bother me. Actually entertaining.  So while going to the Hearing the afterlife page on FB I saw this post directed at Evan Jensen.Screenshot_2016-04-20-21-59-04.png

I couldn’t help but like it.  Now is Evan up for the challenge?  They were kind enough to give him the opportunity in all fairness  to rebuttal it seems against the show done on him last night.  Heck I wouldn’t have bothered as I have proved time again and again what a Fraud he really is and a Coward. So I hope this show doesn’t get their hopes up that he will go on the show because  I honestly believe he will hide and continue blogging lies about people and that my friends is why I myself believe that he v is a COWARD attention seeking FRAUD.

But hey miracles happen….lol  or will he prove me right …


Stay tuned….we will be watching the Hearing the Afterlife page to see if the coward will go on.