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Welcome back for part 2 on this matter with Evan Jensen.

First I want to thank all those who have had my back and supported the truth. Who researched , took screen shots, who gave their stories  and the proof to shut down one of the most biggest frauds in the paranormal community. The Self Proclaimed  Paranormal Exposer, Evan Jensen. Without your help, this wouldn’t be happening.  Chances were given to clean up his act and to apologize publicly for his lies and deceit….but he refused  and only escalated as he is so determined to have attention. Well now he will get lots….but not to put him in the positive spot light but the negative backed by truth and proof that he earned. He created this so he could get exposure at any cost to others. So I will give him the exposure by exposing him and the truth. Truth he can try to twist and deny but it will be too late as no one will listen or believe him because the fact and proof will be before them telling the truth.  Maybe one day he will realize acting like a toddler throwing a fits only affects how others see him.

So let’s start here with the lies he told many which led his ex co host Darlene to support and post  without knowledge that the person she called friend was deceiving her as well.

Evan told many including myself that he had been in the service as a Navy Seal.   We spoke in writing and by phone regarding this. He laughed and made fun of those who were questioning him about it. I was curious as to why others were so interested  so I asked him about the allegation back in July 2014 just 2 mths after meeting him.  I was seeing things being posted about him. He laughed saying because of the work he does exposing paranormal fakes these were normal attacks and to be expected. I mentioned it to his co host and she stated he told her he was a navy seal on many occasions and leading her to believe it was true as who claims that knowing it can be verified.  Evan personally told me that while a navy seal he worked as an underwater demolition Navy Seal in his younger days. He forgets also I have proof of the claim through written messages. He probably didn’t think I would ever be here to expose this either.

Evan also claimed on his Spring Creek Paranormal Page which is now gone that he was a warrior on the battlefield in the armed service and returned home a hero.  Yet in blogs and posts he denies stating and of this. Hmmm once a liar always a liar.


He was seen on Facebook wearing a US navy ball cap with the ships identity on it.

Evan wearing his USS midway cv41 hat which he represented to many was his from the ship he was stationed on.

This is the hat he wears claiming he was a Navy Seal                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       But here is the link to the  list of all stationed thought the many years and there is no mention of Evan Lee Jensen.


So for me I honestly didn’t care about his prior career nor sought out the truth as I didn’t find it necessary or with purpose. But once I learned how deceitful and scamming he was I thought maybe I should look further into it and I did. First things just were not adding up with his stories. One being  And what was discovered is Evan Jensen is a fraud. When I recently confronted him he avoided my question surrounding him not being a Navy Seal. Then after I kept asking for answers and told him about a letter I had verifying he hadn’t he then of course started back paddling. His excuse was he never stated such things it was Darlene who did in her blogs. He refused to take any responsibility for his con and scam. That he knew was circulating. He never once came forward to say I am NOT a US Navy seal as being claimed…..he sat back allowing people to believe his lies and discuss it. Many asked him to provide his DD214 to prove he was a Navy Seal. He refused. Either he was lying and never in the military or he was but never the Navy Seal he claimed he was. And yet blamed Darlene Watts and still just days ago did.  What a stand up guy in my book….ya NOT!  He claims he never said or told anyone he was a Navy Seal….but I beg to differ. Here you will see messages between him and I where he claims he was a Navy seal with the UDT. He also claims his record is protected and there is no such thing as a BUDS number as it is confidential due to his missions, and lastly he claims he was cleared on those allegations he wasn’t.  

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To me you are scum of the earth when you fake  being in the military when you weren’t,or you claim a position in the military that you really weren’t nor have not earned that right, while men and women are and are loosing their lives daily. I take this personal as I have several brothers who have served and family friends.  I give them my up most respect and Thanks.  Evan like all things lied and betrayed many including his country. He is up there in my book with David Rounteee who committed and was exposed for stolen valor. Sure he was in the military but only an E1 which he failed to say and collected medals and claimed them that were not really earned….Hmmm sound familiar? Yet Evan also went after David Rountree for this very thing trying to expose him….he was unsuccessful but others were holding Rountree accountable publicly etc. He called him scum and deplorable names, a coward, a fraud, and the list goes on, but was he really just speaking about himself.

So now we have established he lied in his recent blog claiming Darlene made this up.


Here was Evans rebuttal in his own words and spelling “it was Darlene that stated and made the faked allegations and she got called out for it big time, i should have fired her from the shows when that took place but i didn’t lol.”  Evan Jensen

Now from the screen shots above it is obvious what Darlene Watts had been stating came from Evan Jensen who told her about being in the Navy Seals.  She was not aware he was lying nor had any reason to check his story out. I felt the same way and I am now told that there are others he gave this same story to as well.

So now I felt it was important to start checking out his stories he had been telling so many. This was just one scam he pulled of many we have learned, so I contacted Don Shipley of Extreme Seal Experience. He is a retired Navy Seal but still trains other Navy Seals and helps expose frauds claiming to be Navy Seals.  I paid him to run a check on Evan Jensen as I believed he was a fraud. Today I received an email with the information/report I sought. Please see screen shots of this email.  ( You might notice the email came from a Carol Shipley….this is his wife and who he states on his website he shares an email with)



Emil From Don Shipley , retired Navy Seal

Email From Don Shipley , retired Navy Seal

Screenshot_2015-05-24-16-26-12 Screenshot_2015-05-24-16-26-19 Screenshot_2015-05-24-16-26-27 Screenshot_2015-05-24-16-26-39

Now how will Mr. Jensen explain this lie to the Paranormal Community? Who will he blame to try and cover his tracks?  I suppose because I exposed the truth he will again make public attacks and spill further lies to people I know trying to turn people against me and to side with him.  But he knows I am a fact and proof type of person. If I don’t have proof  I won’t post it as then it is hearsay.

I will be contacting next FOIA (Freedom of Information Act to request his personal military record to see if he even served at all, But I doubt if he was in the military, and if by chance he was at all that he really didn’t amounted to anything close to his claims probably stuck as a E1 or heck discharged for his behaviors, lies, or even a criminal record.  I will let you all know when his DD214  comes back…if there is one. What we do know either way is he was not a Navy Seal and not some hero.

I will leave this at this as I have some more exposing stories to share but feel it is best to do them each individually to not cloud things or overwhelm my readers.  But stay tuned as this is getting good, and will show people what type of person Evan Jensen really is.


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