Screenshot_2016-04-16-00-31-21.jpgI will say this….when John posted this for Evan for his blog the Paranormal Herald he did it because he was contacted by what he believed to be a distraught parent of a child who was unable to take the time himself to post due to stress and grief. I shared it because as a parent I would be a mess if my child was missing. Now Emilee is an adult, 20 yrs old but still someones child. I didn’t share it because Evan and I are friends because we clearly are NOT I actually  do not care for all the deceit and lies he tells or the woman bashing he does, but because if it helped bring Emilee home safe then I was sending it to all I know especially in WA and the OREGON area. I must admit tho that there was this voice saying something wasn’t right and a bad feeling in my gut, but none the less I wasn’t willing to take a chance this was for attention , drama, his personal gain, or that he was lying etc.
I did ask John Albrecht Jr when a friend showed me that Evan was posting exactly what John wrote on his profiles from himself as the poster why it was that he involved John and he (Evan) said he was to distraught to do it himself under the paranormal herald….but why recruit John Albrecht Jr to do so on his behalf I wondered. And was was he able to immediately post it in his own page and other blogging site. Was it that he thought people would take it more serious if John anitiated it? Unfortunately John had no idea until later of Evans actions.John has stepped out of the Paranormal World and hasn’t wrote any article etc in 6 mths by choice to avoid drama like this. Yet somehow looks as if he was used by Jensen.  John was not aware that his daughter was an adult as well or the circumstances  😦 why is it Evan didn’t have Kelly right this if it was true and he was so distraught and unable as she is his editor and Co host. Things don’t make sense.
Then several people contacted the Gresham Police Dept who were listed to contact by Evan with info. Now maybe he didn’t think anyone would check on what was being said. Who knows, but when each person reported they called to learn they had no knowledge of Emilee missing or Cody Peterson missing and police wanting to talk to him it started to become apparent that we were all mislead and for what reason one may ask?
I contacted the Gresham PD again. Spoke to them as I and many others were very worried for Emilees safety and why they were NOT taking action and why so many rumors, speculations etc were being made and for fear the waters surrounding this were being mucked up.
This is what I was told….as they gave me the info and read me the actual report that indeed was made by an officer regarding her being missing. Yes to clear things up there indeed was a report made on April 7 by Evan about Emilee missing however was not written up and recorded until 4/14.
Case # 16-21035 Emilee May Jensen, DOB is 10/22/95
On 4/15 Evan called and filed.
Evan told the police his daughter was living with her boyfriend Cory Peterson and their house was raided by the FBI for drugs and she and Cory fled. He had not heard from her for approx 7 days. Evan told them that he did not currently have her phone number on him when the officer asked for a contact number. He was told it is not illegal for an adult to not call her parents. But they would try to call. But Evan said they were worried still about her. The officer called him back over 10 times with no answer and  no return of call seeking a number for her as the only number they could locate had been disconnected. Btw there is nothing to their knowledge of a raid however when I asked them to confirm this. They stated if it was FBI that could be why.
So clearly per Police Evan did state that there was a FBI drug raid and her and Cory Peterson fled from law enforce . Police don’t make that up.
On 4/15 the report came in and became record. They were still unable to get ahold of Evan nor had heard back from him. Why would someone avoid over 10 calls to him who was worried c about the wellbeing of their daughter?
It just went to detectives. When I explained all of the posts, the disrepencies that there was no report, people questioning why police were doing nothing, and all that was being said and the concern for What happened to Emilee they stated they would transfer me over to the detective to pass on the info I had. I left a message for the detective as I was told he would want to talk to me but would call in the morning as he was gone for the day. This was before I learned Evan had posted that Emilee was actually ok. He claims she must be in the sticks somewhere as she had no internet, no phone etc. And that she got a new job which makes more in a week then they do.
I followed up with all this info regarding a dru raid. A annonymous contact who had contacts in the area stated, ” I did find a small tib of info not sure if it is connected. On April 7th 2016 FBI conducted their largest raid ever. It spanned over 4 states and took down 15 ring leaders. With many more on the run in connection with the event. I am still trying to find more info about this. Details are really weak. It don’t mention exact city’s. It lists major cities near the busts. Three near Portland area. Not disclosed”. Now this could be the same raid Evan had indeed told the officer that his,daughter and her boyfriend were indeed involved in.  This is confirmed being in the report.
Now on that note earlier I stated that Carol had recieved that info about the drug raid from a contact close to Evan who fed her the info with no actual proof.  That contact was his good friend Judi Giramonti. I can only assume it came from Evan as the police also stated he shared this in his report to them. So with this being said I have no choice but to retract my comment i posted on his blog calling it an unverified assumption based on the facts told to me. And I was offered to place a request for the report made and they would fax it first thing in the morning as I am a legal victims advocate (independent these days who still help victims and police as I am able) so that hopefully this clears up the allegations from many that Evan did not make a report that she was missing…because it is fact that he did and that is the truth. They even gave me the case number. But also the story that was given about the drug raid was also fact that Carol gave allegedly that  Judi Giramonti  a  close friend to Evan.
I was told no action was taken because if she was on the run and involved in a drug raid as stated , she is still an adult who just because she didn’t check in doesn’t mean she is missing under those circumstances. But they were having a detective ( whose name I recieved) look further into all of this story etc.
I am writing this blog on the facts as to help all with facts and proof of what has transpired and why.
Without facts and proof, people make assumptions, false allegations etc. Waters get mucky. It was time someone posted the facts and truth. Yet Evan claimed on his Facebook she was safe and fine yet keeps,removing my own posts stating such.  Hopefully this clears things all up and the detective can speak to Emilee peronally and confirm she is indeed ok and this can be put to rest.stated that there had been a drug raid at his dayghters home.  So she really wasn’t missing but on the run as he stated. Bottom line she ran away as a alleged fugitive avoiding the law. What benefit does one gain and who states his child is missing leading people to believe she could be in danger, kidnapped etc. WHO does that? Here I was willing to put a past of harassment and stalking, LIES aside by Evan to try and help find his daughter safe by spreading the word. Its like the boy who cried wolf honestly. Glad she is safe but disapointed in what took place, and the lies told for attention and abusing those who helped. Seems we are told she is safe and sound and was never missing. Any comments in relation to this story, or facts Evan is refusing and deleting comments to hide the truth on his blogs.

Evan will now be known to many as  the little boy who cried wolf at his daughters expense. Just shameful!!!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my discussion, and the info that  transpired between the Gresham  Police detective that contacted me  and is investigating more into the circumstances, the alleged criminal involvement into the matter of Emilee Jensen.