Well it seems para fake and fraud Christina George is back at her scams. It was brought to my attention that she now has set herself up a Go Fund Me account.  She’s claiming her SSDI has been stopped, that her health is declining, that she lost her home, etc.


She states she is well known for helping others in need however over the years she has been caught stealing from the vulnerable that she claims to be helping. She has made numerous go fund me accounts and fundraisers for herself and others to which she lied about or which others did not receive their money.

Christina George claims to be seriously ill with a non curable illnesses, to which she has claimed she was unable to work, not even part time, yet this is the same person who is able to run a 2 online paranormal radio show, several Paranormal research groups, claims she is a psychic and has been all her life which is untrue, she can travel and participate in investigations, para cons etc. She is a party girl and prescription drug seeker who will use several different last names in order to obtain drugs which is why her doctors have chosen to drop her .  She claims she’s been ill for 15 years yet 26 years ago claimed she was terminal with a  brain tumor and was dying.  Then it was intestinal cancer, then terminal schleroderma.  She never had a tumor or cancer.  She no longer receives SSDI because she is capable of working a job and is not as sick as she pretends to be and conned SSDI until recently when the caught on, but chooses to have the CA state tax payers support her on state assistance. She has family, and and adult children all in her area, yet why is her family not helping her? Because they know her and the truth.

Many people who know her knows what a con and fraud she is and tend to avoid her.

So be smart don’t donate, or ask for a refund before she gets her hand on the money. Report her go fund me also to shut it down.  It’s time to stop people like her.

Christina George is a convicted criminal with a lengthy criminal record. She was encarcerated for theft, fraud, embezzlement and other related charges in the Santa Rita women’s prison in CA where she served time for some of her crimes.

She committed crimes and theft against her own 90+ grandmother by stealing money, her identity, moving into her grandmother’s home and throwing her grandmother out of her home, while living off her money, throwing parties in her home and also physically abusing her.

She is a known con and fraud so beware donating to her or people like her.